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Hardy - Bougle 3" Fly Reel - Original

For sale here is an original 3" Hardy Bougle in excellent condition. The classic raised pillar design, this one dates from before WWII, probably the 1930's. Leaded finish is retaining nicely, and the reel is fitted with the Mk II checkwork and engageable spare pawl. Ribbed alloy foot is full length with a name lightly scratched on the underside. Weight is 4.82oz and the diameter is slightly under 3" (pillar to pillar). Ebonite handle and nickel silver bottom pillar both spin freely, and the rim mounted tensioner works as intended with strong check throughout its range. RHW. Partially ventilated spool with solid frame and winding plate. A tight example with no end play or wobble. A fine example of the original 3" Bougle, great for 4/5wt fishing. Sold in a fine Arne Mason shearling lined block case.

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