Hanson, Leon - 9' 3/2 8wt "Super Salar" Hollowbuilt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Leon Hanson 9' 3/2 8wt "Super Salar" bamboo rod in excellent used condition. Hollow butt and mid with solid tips. Leon produced only 5 of these in the early 1990's, this one is serial #9102. Medium tempered cane with bright, heavy wire guides wrapped in transparent silks with dark brown accents. Red agate stripping guide and bright Swiss-style ferrules wrapped in dark brown. The sections are full length and serialized, with just the faintest of fish-fighting sets in each tip. The ferrule fit is good, though the butt-mid ferrule seats just shy of the shoulder (made that way), and the tips are wrapped for ease of rotation. The butt section features clear intermediate wraps, and the script remains clear and bold. 6 3/4" grip is smooth and slightly soiled, and the rod is fitted with an up-locking reel seat over wood spacer and removable 4.5" aluminum & hard rubber fighting butt. The plug at the end of the extension has come loose and should be re-soldered .A positive action 8wt with incredible power reserves. I like it with a WF8F, although Leon also recommends a long belly 7wt. A great single hander for steelhead & salmon, you're unlikely to find another one. Sold in the original bag & tube. From the collection of Thomas H. Clark.

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