Winston, R.L. - 7'6" 2/1, 3 1/8oz (4wt) Bamboo Rod ("Leetle Feller")

For sale here is a 7'6" 2-piece / single tip 4wt "Leetle Feller" Winston bamboo rod. Serial #9123, a San Francisco-era rod. Chrome guides, putty colored wraps with overwrapped Duronz ferrules. Ferrules fit nicely, and the sections are full length. The tip has a slight set in the top 15" and the butt section isn't coming out of the grip perfectly straight (close, but not perfect). This isn't surprising as the entire reel seat and grip have been altered. It appears the cork and winding check were ground down to a smaller diameter and the reel seat is a complete replacement. Also, the second snake guide down from the tip top has some broken threads that should be addressed before fishing. A flawed example, to be sure, but a desirable taper that won't take much to get it on the water again. Scripted weight is 3 1/8oz, but my scale is closer to 3.65oz (also not surprising, the rod was probably fitted with a slide band reel seat originally). Sold in the original bag and tube with 80% label.

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