Winston, R.L. - 7' 2/2, 2 1/2oz (3wt) "Leetle Feller" Bamboo Fly Rod

For sale here is a San Francisco-era Winston 7' 2-piece / 2-tip 3wt bamboo rod in very good used condition. Serial #8245, made in 1958. 2 1/2oz scripted and actual weight, which makes this a "Leetle Feller" configuration. Medium tempered cane with bright hardware throughout. Golden tan windings with oxblood accents, double wrapped at the guide feet. Duronz ferrules fit perfectly and are overwrapped. This was originally a single tip rod with the second tip a later addition by Glenn Brackett. The original tip has a 1" invisible wrap between the 3rd and 4th guide down from the tip top. The replacement tip has slightly darker thread wraps than the original. Strap and ring hook keeper with black bakelite winding check. The original grip and reel seat were replaced with fresh cork and a nickel silver cap and ring over cork spacer, likely done in the Winston shop at the same time as the invisible wrap and the replacement tip. A wonderful casting 3wt, it handles a DT3 and WF3 well. The Brackett made tip is quite true to the original and I can feel very little difference between the two. Sold in original 1-tip sock and Cal-Air tube (no label).

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