Winston, R.L. - 6'6" 2/1, 2 3/8oz "Leetle Feller" 3wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is San Francisco-era Winston 6'6" 2-piece / 1-tip "Leetle Feller" bamboo rod. Serial #9416, made in 1967 while Gary Howells was still in the Winston shop. The rod features bright guides with carboloy stripper, all wrapped in putty colored windings with oxblood accents. Each section is full length & serialized, and the ferrule fit is perfect. Scripted and actual weight is 2 3/8oz, and the original owners name is scripted on the butt. Strap & ring hook keeper, bakelite winding check and all cork grip & reel seat with aluminum slide band. The cork is soiled but smooth, and the bakelite butt cap has two small chips at the edge. The only condition notes are a 7/8" invisible above the hook keeper (although it is unclear what the wrap is covering), and both sections have slight downward sets, not an uncommon feature on very short & light rods like this. The action is medium fast with a pleasant amount of power for such a dainty wand. I find it to be a true 3wt. Sold in the original bag and tube (sans label).

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