Tom Morgan Rodsmiths / Per Brandin - 8'6" 2pc 7wt Fiberglass Rod

For sale here is an amazing 8'6" 2-piece 7wt TMR fiberglass rod, a taper dubbed "the Unity with the Universe" by its designer, Tom Morgan. A storied taper and one of the finest fly rods ever produced by Winston, this one was built out and used by Per Brandin as a light salmon rod. Built on a sanded burgundy blank with bright guides and red agate stripper wrapped in oxblood windings & black accents. The spigot ferrules fit perfectly with a gap to allow for wear. 6" cork grip is slightly soiled, but smooth, and is fitted with an up-locking aluminum reel seat (machined by Brandin) over mahogany spacer. The 1/2" fighting butt is removable and can be swapped for a 4" cork and hard rubber extension. Sold in the original red bag and crinkle finish tube, with signature Brandin canvas tube protector. From the collection of Per G. Brandin.

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