Thomas & Thomas - 8'6" 4wt 2/3 Bamboo Fly Rod - "Sans Pareil"

For sale here is a Thomas & Thomas 8’6” 4wt “Sans Pareil” bamboo rod, 2-piece with 3 original tips. This is an early T&T (serial #2580), likely dating to the mid 1970’s. The rod is in excellent condition with only minor signs of use. All sections straight and full length. Golden bronze silk windings for the full intermediate wraps, as well as the hook keeper and stripping guide. Transparent tan windings with black tipping at the snake guides. 15/64” ferrules and the fit is perfect. Nicely swelled butt leads into a 6” cigar grip that tapers to flush with the wood spacer. The cork shows just the slightest hint of ridging but nothing of concern. The nickel silver screw-lock reel seat was replaced with a cap & ring ordered directly from Thomas & Thomas. Steve Blake performed the replacement, and this is the only feature not original to the build. I would classify the action as medium slow. Tom Maxwell’s unmistakable script reads “Thomas & Thomas 8’6”/#4 Sans Pareil” with the serial number at the ferrules. Each tip is also marked for easy rotation. Comes with original cloth bag with stiffener, as well as a very handsome leather clad aluminum tube. A truly gorgeous custom rod from the early days at T&T!

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