Thomas, F.E. - Special Streamer 9' 3/2 7/8wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a 9' F.E. Thomas "Special Streamer", 3-piece / 2-tip bamboo rod in good original condition. Stamped #94 with a triangle symbol above. Medium tempered cane with oxblood windings and oxidized guides. All sections are straight and full length (one tip is about 2mm longer than the other, which appears original). 12/64 & 18/64 ferrules fit perfectly and are witness marked. The varnish shows it's age; not soft, but there is some micro-alligatoring and various scuffs/chips throughout. Nickel silver winding check with integrated hook keeper, 5.4" cork grip is lightly soiled and mostly smooth except for some localized ridging on the top of the handle towards the winding check. This appears intentional as a rudimentary thumb relief, and it looks like it could be smoothed out without too much trouble. Downlocking reel seat and detachable 3 3/4" fighting butt with nickel silver and aftermarket rubber protector. Scripted weight is 6oz but the actual weight is just under 6.7oz (without the fighting butt). The FET ledger indicates that this reel originally had an all cork reel seat, my best guess is that the reel seat was swapped out at the FET shop, probably not too long after the rod was made. A powerful 7/8wt on the medium side of medium fast. Sold in the orignal bag with intact hang tag and brass capped tube with well worn FET decal. From the collection of Thomas H. Clark.

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