Sage - SPL CLA 589-3, 8'9" 5wt Graphite Rod & Reel

For sale here is a Sage 'Center Axis' SPL 8'9" 3-pc 5wt graphite rod & reel combo. Very good used condition, the rod shows little signs of use, but the reel has some scuffs and finish loss in the usual spots. Built on a sanded green blank with matching wraps and gold accents. Cork grip shows mild soiling but remains smooth. The reel is threaded directly into the rod, so one cannot be used without the other. An interesting design, meant to provide a streamlined casting experience. The reel is a Sage 3200, set up for RHW and I see no way to change this. This is a somewhat scarce SPL configuration, and they don't trade very often on the secondary market. Sold in the original cordura clad tube.

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