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Sage / Hardy - Model 504 Fly Reel w/ 3 Spare Spools

For sale here is a Sage 504 fly reel with 3 spare spools in excellent+ condition.  Based on Hardy's JLH reels, Sage commissioned a run of these reels in the 1990's. Designed for light, delicate trout fishing, the reel features a solid frame and partially ported spool with reversible nickel silver line guard for RHW or LHW fishing (currently set up LHW). Excellent+ condition, aside from some light mounting marks I can see no signs of actual use. These reels have become quite desirable, and they pair well with both classic and modern rods. This set comes with 4 total spools: 2 are 504's and 2 are 504L's. All spools are completely interchangeable, the only difference is porting on both sides of the 504L's. A handsome reel for most 4-5wt fishing, capacity is for a WF5 + 60yds. 3 1/8" diameter with a spool width of 3/4" and the weight is 4.34oz. Sold in the original tan suede zip case and each spare spool comes in its original box.

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