Reams, James - 8'3" 5wt Bamboo Fly Rod

For sale here is an 8'3", 2/2, 5 weight, hollowbuilt bamboo rod made by Jim Reams. This rod is in excellent used condition, featuring a stunning mortised wood reel seat spacer with sliding band, tapered full wells grip, and transparent bronze thread wraps with oxblood tipping. Truncated ferrules measure 16/64 and the ferrule fit is excellent. Tip sections are serialized and marked for easy distinction. The finish on this rod is in fantastic shape with little signs of use. There is an approximately 7/8" invisible wrap between the 2nd and 3rd guide from the top on the second tip section. This was a preemptive measure by the previous owner to cover a hook dig and was masterfully performed by the maker. All sections are full length and straight. This particular taper was developed by Mr. Reams for throwing dry flies on the Henry's Fork in Idaho. A very capable rod with a responsive action on the faster side of medium fast. Comes with original cloth bag and brass capped tube with label.

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