Powell, E.C. - 9'8" 2/2 Hollow Built Tournament Distance Rod

For sale here is an E.C. Powell 9'8" 2-piece hollow built tournament distance rod. Made for Long Beach Casting Club member Fred Metzger. Both tips are shorter than the butt section, one is only about 2.5" short and the other is about 6" short. Ferrule fit on the longer tip is good, the ferrule on the shortest tip needs to be reset (the windings are completely unraveled). These rods typically featured more extreme hollowing than a standard trout rod, and this one has tight intermediate wraps to protect the thinner walls. Cork grip is ridged and slightly soiled. The reel seat is made of thin-walled nickel silver tubing with an ultra narrow slide band. These tournament rods were required to weigh in at under 5 3/4oz and the bare-bones reel seats were a way to cut weight while maintaining the maximum amount of bamboo. Tournament distance rods were built with an eye towards one thing: performance. This one is sold in a faded pea green bag and brass capped tube. From the collection of Per G. Brandin. This rod is also featured on p78 of Per's book on the life and rods of E.C. Powell.

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