Paul Young - Para 15, 8' 2/2 5/6wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Paul Young Para 15, 8' 2-piece / 2-tip bamboo rod. Originally made  in 1950 and later refinished by Bob Summers. The rod features moderately flamed cane with 2x2 node spacing bright guides wrapped in caramel brown thread. The two tips are marked wet & dry (in Summers' hand), the dry fly tip is a replacement made by Bob during the refinish. The wet fly tip is 1" down and has a slight casting sweep. Paul Young's handwriting was preserved and reads "Parabolic 15 8' - 3.76oz. Bamboo wt. 2.83oz - HDH or HDG", along with the original owners name and a build date of March, 1950. The cork was replaced during the refinish and cap & ring reel seat are original to the rod. The varnish is in excellent condition, and the ferrules fit perfectly. Each tip has it's own personality, with the wet tip being slightly more parabolic. I like them both with a DT6, although the dry tip also casts a 5wt quite well. Mr. Summers did a fine job with the refinish and it has been well cared for since then. If you are looking for a Para 15 to fish, this would be a great option. Sold in original bag and handsome leather clad replacement tube.

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