Paul H. Young - 'Perfectionist' 7'6" 2/2, 4-5wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a special Paul Young 'Perfectionist', 7'6" 2-piece / 2-tip bamboo rod. Made as a Christmas gift in 1956 for Paul Cardell (the Cardell and Young families were close friends). The rod features darkly flamed cane with 2x2 nodes and oxidized snake guides wrapped in gold windings. The guide wraps received an overcoat at some point. One tip has a 3" clear wrap covering a node lift below the 3rd snake guide up from the ferrule (repair performed by Per Brandin). The sections are straight and full length. Japanned aluminum ferrules have a less than ideal fit, although they should be serviceable when properly waxed. The script on the butt reads "Paul Cardell Birmingham Xmas '56 - Perfectionist 7 1/2' 2.59oz H.E.H. - 'Tight Lines' The Youngs". There is also a black accent wrap at 10" above the grip. Bent loop hook keeper, 6" ventilated grip with thumb relief and dual band reel seat over mortised cork spacer. All the cork shows moderate soiling but remains smooth. An historical PHY rod and a smooth caster with a DT4 or DT5. Sold in the original bag and Champion tube with Jim Cardell's address label affixed.

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