MacLeay of Inverness - 3 1/4" Platewind Fly Reel

For sale here is an early 3 1/4" mixed materials platewind reel, made for MacLeay of Inverness. Brass spool, winding plate, and pillars, with nickel silver rims and ebonite backplate. Ivorine handle with brass receiver spins freely, and the fixed check is strong and slightly favors RHW. The brass foot appears to be braised to the pillars and has been neatly filed on one side. 3 1/4" diameter with a pillar width of 1.30". Weight is 13.65oz loaded with backing. This is an early reel with hand engraved "MACLEAY - INVss" on the winding plate, dating to the late 1800's. An interesting, albeit heavy reel. It should balance nicely with a longer antique split cane or greenheart rod. Take it fishing!

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