Loop - Traditional 1.5 Fly Reel

For sale here is a Loop (Danielsson) Traditional 1.5 fly reel in good used condition. These reels are built with large arbors and are designed to have ultra low start up inertia. They have a neutral bias and can be spooled either LHW or RHW. Resistance is applied to the spool via two sets of circular runners. Outgoing and incoming resistance is controlled by a central adjustment knob. This reel shows signs of use, but it mechanically sound. It appears as though both sets of runners were lubricated with a graphite lube, and the finish on the runways (spool interior) is well worn. This appears to be cosmetic, and the reel operates very smoothly. Designed and built in Sweden, sold with original soft case and paperwork.

Reel specs:

  • Weight: 123g
  • Line Capacity: WF5F+100m
  • Recommended for: 3-6wt line
  • Outer Diameter: 83mm
  • Inner Diameter: 48mm
  • Width: 26.5mm

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