Leonard Mills - Model 51A-D Fly Reel w/ Leather Case

For sale here is a rare Leonard Mills 51A-D raised pillar reel in excellent original condition. Fixed RHW. Sold as a "Dry Fly Salmon Reel" in the early Mills catalogs, the reel measures 3 1/2" across the pillars with a pillar length of 1 1/8". Weight is 7.89oz, a bit heavier than the cataloged weight of 6.25oz. Bright Duralumin frame and spool with black hard rubber side plates. The reel seat, pillars, screws, and handle are all nickel silver. Made by J. Vom Hofe and fitted with the patented "Improved Graduating Adjustable Drag; the resistance has 5 different settings and can be changed by means of a button and dial on the back of the reel. The back is marked "Heavy" and "Light", and the face of the reel is stamped "Leonard Mills" and the 1928 Pat. number. A truly fine example of a rare model, there are signs of light use, but the reel is in remarkably good condition throughout. Packed in a strapped leather case, gold embossed with "2/0" and the initials "P.D.W." (originally owned by Philip Dakin Wagoner, once the chairman of Underwood Typewriters). Don't miss out on this highly collectible American made reel.

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