Leonard Mills - Model 50A Raised Pillar Fly Reel

For sale here is a Leonard Mills Model 50A, raised pillar fly reel in excellent used condition. This is a later era reel, probably 1950s/1960s. Aluminum frame with ebonite side plates and handle grasp. Solid nickel silver reel foot is full length and has a slight wave at one end. Domed aluminum oil cap is removable and the reel is mechanically tight and smooth with a strong RHW fixed check. The "Leonard - Mills" stamping on the handle plate remains crisp and clear. 3" diameter (pillar to pillar) and 13/16" pillar width. The only condition notes are that the spindle has some residue from an old silk line, and the handle grasp is canted inward very slightly. This does not effect operation, and will likely keep the handle plate from being scratched by the handle. A very nice example of a classic American trout reel. Solid in a cream leather zipper case.

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