LAW - Traveler Vise

For sale here is a rare LAW "Traveler" fly tying vise in excellent+ condition. similar in design to the iconic LAW bench vise, this one is slightly scaled down to a more compact package with a C-clamp. The vise appears unused, but there are some handling marks to the clamp. The vise comes with an unused extension arm and riser post with Allen wrench. LAW's signature star-shaped dial makes adjusting for a wide variety of hook sizes simple and very secure. This vise features 360 degree rotation and intuitive adjustment knobs that require no extra tools. Lawrence Waldron is a precision machinist who made tying vises as well as some rod-making tools and reels. Items were made to order and were never produced in high numbers. The Traveler vise is a particularly scarce offering. His designs are widely recognized for their engineering elegance and beautiful simplicity, and the vises seldom come to market. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own a coveted LAW Traveler!

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