Kosmic/H.A. Whittemore - 8'3" 3/2 Bamboo Rod

For sale here is an 8'3" 3-piece / 2-tip Kosmic rod, sold by H.A. Whittemore. Born out of a partnership between F.E. Thomas, Eustis Edwards and Ed Payne (in collaboration with Hiram Hawes), the Kosmic Rod Co. produced cane rods from the late 1800's into the early 1900's. This one is an unusual length at 8'3" and was refinished by Dennis Menscer of Little River Rods. Good, refinished condition, with a few condition considerations. Medium colored cane with flap ring guides. Wraps are bright red with black tipping and full intermediates. The sections are reasonably straight with good ferrule fits. The mid-female ferrule is a replacement made by Menscer. The mid & 1 tip are scarfed. Overall length is 8'3", and the tips are about 1/2" shorter than the mid and butt. Wide signature wraps on the butt, the widest of which is covering an imperfection/ding to the cane. Tapered nickel silver winding check over 4.6" grip (soiled and ridged with hook digs at the top) and ivoroid Landman reel seat. Pocketed butt cap reads "The Kosmic - H.A. Whittemore & Co. - Boston, Mass" with the serial number opposite (#2820). A deep flexing, slow action 4wt, although some may prefer it with a 3wt. The short-lived partnership between Thomas, Edwards & Payne produced few rods, although the Kosmic name lives on as a reminder of the legendary collaboration between these legacy rod makers. Dennis Mescer was able to purchase some original Kosmic rod parts through the E.F. Payne Rod Co. and has probably seen more Kosmic rods than anyone else alive. This rod has its issues, but the refinishing work was performed by the right rod maker, and the rod is ready to fish/collect. Sold in the rarely seen original leather scabbard, with original tip tube with non-original (Payne) brass cap.

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