J.W. Young / Alex Martin - Pattern No. 1, 3 1/2" Fly Reel

For sale here is a J.W. Young 3 1/2" Pattern No. 1 fly reel made for Alex Martin. The reel has a 2 3/4" smooth brass foot, solid frame and spool and crazed erinoid handle. Takedown is by a nickel silver spindle screw, and the check is fixed RHW. The reel is fitted with a red agate line guard in nickel silver bezel, and the agate shows two stable hairline cracks. Weight is 6.1oz. The leaded finish has worn to a light gray, and the face of the reel has some surface pitting between the reel foot and line guard. A narrow drum reel with an interior pillar width of 0.57", I like this size for a 5 or 6wt line. A nice user reel ready for service.

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