Hosack, R.J. - 7'6" 2/2 5wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a new, unused 7'6" 2-piece / 2-tip 5wt from the bench of R.J. (Bob) Hosack. Lightly tempered cane with oxidized snake guides wrapped in golden tan windings and 10mm Mildrum stripping guide with carboloy ring. Decorative wraps at the ferrules and above the handle. Ferrule fit is perfect and the female is fitted with a machined plug. Tips are wrapped for ease of rotation. A slightly swelled butt leads into the 5.75" wells grip, and the rod is fitted with a nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over fine wood spacer. A crisp action 5wt on the faster side of medium fast, designed to be light in the hand. Bob's introduction to cane rods came in the 1970's at the Jenkins rod shop in Denver, and his experience is evident in this rod. The finishes are superb and his understanding of rod tapers is evident in the final product. This is a new rod, packaged in aT6061 aluminum tube with machined brass cap and embroidered tube protector.

On the Model A05 series: "These are designed to be quick action rods. They are light in the hand and have very responsive tips. They generate faster line speeds and tighter loops which translates into a more accurate and delicate presentation of the fly in demanding situations. They are a fine "tool" to use when a premium is placed on the presentation of the fly, like when fishing spring creeks, or in any other situation where the fish are finicky and everything has to be perfect"

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