Hidy, Jim - 8'6" 5wt 3/2 Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rod

For sale here is an outstanding Jim Hidy 8'6" 5wt, 3-piece, hollow-built bamboo rod. Moderately tempered cane with light olive windings, double wrapped at the guide feet and black tipping at the ferrules and winding check. The rod features truncated swiss-style ferrules, a beautiful banded agate stripping guide, strap and ring hook keeper, and blued nickel silver cap and ring hardware over a mortised walnut spacer. The slender full-wells cork grip measures 6 1/4" and shows only the slightest signs of handling. The butt section and tips are serialized (T25951 H-3) and the tips are marked at both the ferrule and tip-tops for ease of rotation. Jim's finishes are flawless and this rod clearly has seen very little action. A combination of relatively low output and high desirability lead to long wait times for his rods, and they are not commonly seen on the secondary market. Skip the wait, this one is ready to ship today!

From Jim's site:

"My rods are primarily progressive tapers with moderate actions, making them suitable for both wet and dry style fishing. The lower and middle sections start to function early in lengthening the line while allowing for a very powerful cast. This makes for a rod that is fun and effective to fish in close, yet able to deliver long casts with ease. Coupled with a process of hollow building well into the upper part of the rod, the result is a combination of lightness, quicker recovery (dampening) and pleasure of fishing."

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