Heddon - Deluxe #1000 "Rod of Rods" - 8' 3/2 5wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a rare Heddon #1000 "Rod of Rods", 8' 3-piece / 2-tip, 1 3/4 ferrule. Originally rated for a DT6 silk line, but it's best with a modern DT or WF5. The highest grade and fanciest rods produced by Heddon, this #1000 features medium tempered cane with gold plated guides, tip tops and ferrule welts. Dark brown windings and "rich old gold" tipping. There are a few areas where the varnish softened, leaving some light bag imprints. These look like they would polish out easily and nothing requires immediate attention. All sections are full length and straight, except for a slight set in one tip from right-hand casting. A few snake guides show some wear to the finish, but otherwise the gold plating is remarkably intact throughout. 6" cork grip was cleaned at some point, resulting in minor ridging. The reel seat is made of tenite threads and Circassian walnut spacer, with gold plated hardware and elongated butt cap. The script on the butt section remains clear and bold. A post-classical era rod, most likely made in the very early 1950's. The "Rod of Rods" was Heddon's masterpiece of craftsmanship, and very few rods were made in this grade. Medium fast action, a great casting 5wt. Sold in the original gold enameled tube and bag, sans data label. From the collection of Thomas H. Clark.

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