Hardy - Uniqua 2 5/8" Fly Reel - Early Check

For sale here is a very scarce and very early 2 5/8" Hardy Uniqua fly reel. Made between 1903-1907, the reel features a solid frame and spool with ivorine handle and horseshoe drum latch. The spool is stamped "Hardy's Patent 'Uniqua' Reel", and the smooth brass foot remains full length and unmolested. The fixed caliper check favors RHW, and the dark leaded finish is retaining remarkably well. The only condition note is that one of the gear teeth on the spool is sheared down, causing a slight skip while winding (most noticeable on the outgoing). The rest of the reel is in incredible condition for its age. This is the smallest size of the 1st generation Uniquas, a diminutive light line reel to fish or collect.

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