Hardy - St. John 3 7/8" Fly Reel

For sale here is a Hardy St. John 3 7/8" fly reel in excellent used condition. This is a transitional reel, made just after the conclusion of WWII. 3-screw spool latch, leaded finish, straight line lettering, and non-engagable spare pawl. Ribbed brass foot is full length and unaltered, and the ebonite handle exhibits some discoloration but spins freely. The rim mounted drag tensioner works as intended. There is a small mark on the inside of the frame near the reel foot, likely a casting error. There are also two spots on the frame where the leaded finish is worn to a brighter silver color, though there is no evidence of the reel having been repaired. The reel retains most of it's finish and remains in perfect mechanical condition. Hardy makers initials J.A.J. (Joe Johnson) stamped inside.  A fine transitional St. John to fish or collect.

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