Hardy - St. George 3 3/8" Fly Reel - Pre-War, LHW!

For sale here is an extremely rare Hardy St. George 3 3/8" fly reel in LHW. Very good original condition with 3-screw latch, ebonite handle and rim mounted tensioner. The ribbed brass foot is full length and unaltered. The smokey agate line guard has hairline cracks at the top and bottom, the bottom crack has an approximately 1mm chip on the front. The leaded finish has worn to a light gray throughout. The reel is fitted with the desirable large arbor spool, and the tensioner works as intended with a strong check throughout its range. Pre-war LHW St. George reels are virtually impossible to find, a truly rare find. *The consignor of this reel has indicated they are interested in trades for LHW 3 1/8" and 3 3/8", pre-WWII Hardy Perfects with the Mark II check. If you have one for trade or sale, please let us know*

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