Hardy - Special Perfect 3 1/4" Fly Reel - 1906 check w/ Block Case

For sale here is a Hardy Special Perfect 3 1/4" fly reel in excellent+ original condition. A fantastic early example, featuring the 1906 checkwork bright spool & winding plate and leaded frame. Full length brass foot (3.0") is unaltered, and the leaded finish shows only minor finish loss on the rims. 3 1/4" diameter with 1" spool width. Weight is 6.91oz. Ivory handle grasp is a little sluggish due to lack of use, but this will be easily corrected. Strap-over tensioner works as intended and the reel has an excellent range of resistance. 4 cusp spool with nickel silver retaining screw. Mechanically perfect and tight with zero end play. A superb early example of the Hardy Special Perfect. A worthy addition to any collection, it will be difficult to upgrade from this reel. Sold in a corduroy lined block leather Hardy case.

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