Hardy - Perfect 3 3/8" Fly Reel - Red Agate - LHW!

For sale here is an extremely rare left hand wind Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" fly reel with 1906 check work and red agate line guard. The reel features an ivorine handle with smooth brass receiver, strap over tensioner and flawless red agate line guard. Circular logo on the winding plate reads "Hardy's Alnwick - Patent". The reel is very tight and smooth, and the tensioner works flawlessly. The leaded finish is largely intact with normal wear around the handle and a few unfortunate scratches around the retaining screw (heartbreakingly common on these reels). The 3" smooth brass foot and the screws that secure it are replacements, although the work was well done. Original LHW Hardy Perfects from before WWII are very rare, and to see a LHW 1906 check with intact red agate line guard is extraordinary. Sold in a velvet lined Hardy block leather case. *The consignor of this reel has indicated they are interested in trades for LHW 3 1/8" and 3 3/8", pre-WWII Hardy Perfects with the Mark II check. If you have one for trade or sale please let us know.*

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