Hardy - Perfect 3 3/8" Fly Reel - 1912 Check w/ Red Agate!

For sale here is a stunning 3 3/8" Hardy Perfect with 1912 check work and red agate line guide. Incredibly tight reel featuring a smooth brass reel foot, strap over tensioner and ivorine handle with smooth brass cup. Beautiful red agate line guide is flawless. Tensioner works as intended and has excellent resistance throughout its range. The smooth brass reel foot is 2.90" long and has a very slight (almost imperceptible) bend in the rear half. The leaded finish is pleasantly worn and the reel only shows minor cosmetic marks of wear. This may be the tightest contracted Hardy Perfect I have seen. An excellent example of a very rare reel.

*We are happy to provide additional photos at your request*

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