Hardy - Perfect 3 1/8" Fly Reel w/ 2 Spare Spools - LHW

For sale here is a LHW 3 1/8" Hardy Perfect with two spare spools in mint, unused condition. Made after Hardy re-issued the Perfect reels in the late 1970's. The reel features a gray enamel finish with conical spindle boss and free spinning ebonite handle. Smooth alloy foot, flawless gray agate line guard, rim mounted tensioner and dual pawls. LHW Perfects became more popular after the re-issue, but they are still much scarcer than the RHW versions. This reel is essentially "new old stock", as are the two spare spools. The reel comes in a blue and cream zipper case and all pieces are sold in their original boxes. A "Perfect" set, to fish or collect.

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