Hardy - Bougle 3" Fly Reel - 1930's

For sale here is an original 3" Hardy Bougle in excellent condition. Leaded finish with the Mk II checkwork and engageable spare pawl. Ribbed alloy foot is unaltered. Weight is 4.66oz and the diameter is slightly under 3". Raised pillar design with rolling nickel silver bottom pillar. The ebonite handle spins freely, and the rim mounted tensioner works as intended with strong check throughout its range. RHW. Partially ventilated spool with solid frame and winding plate. A tight example with no end play or wobble. Leaded finish remains mostly intact, and the initials "P.M." are professionally engraved on the winding plate. A beautiful original Bougle, ready to fish or collect. Sold in a modern Orvis zipper pouch. From the collection of Per G. Brandin.

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