Halstead, G.H. - 8' 4.75" 2/2 7wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Halstead project rod. 2-piece / 2-tips, the overall length is 8' 4.75". Both tips are the same length and approximately 1.75" longer than the butt section. The tube cap indicates an original length of 8' 7.5" and a weight of 5 7/8oz. The actual weight matches the tube cap, but the length obviously does not. The good: The wraps, varnish and hardware appear to be original. The rod is scripted with the original owner’s name (Henry Green, a well-known Atlantic salmon angler) and "Halstead" inked at the top of the butt section. The signatures are original and remain quite clear. The bad: The varnish has checks/scratches and shows mild cracking/alligatoring throughout. The wraps on the female ferrule are fraying, and while the metal-to-metal fit is good, all ferrules are loose to the cane and need to be reset. The most glaring issue is a series of 5 repair wraps on one tip section that appear to be covering a delamination. The rod is sold in the original green bag and champion style tube with engraved cap. Halstead rods are scarce and this one is priced to sell, given the condition considerations. Please refer to the photos and reach out if you have any questions.

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