Halstead, G.H. - 7'6" 2/2 4wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a scarce George Halstead 7'6" 2/2 trout rod in excellent original condition. The rod features medium tempered cane with oxidized snake guides wrapped in caramel windings. The ferrules and tip tops have red accents with red & green at the hook keeper. Each section is straight and full length. The 11/64 step down ferrules fit perfectly, and the rod is fitted with a rather rare and unusual step-down female. The 5.5" cork grip is slightly soiled and ridged. The "frosted finish" reel seat consists of an aluminum slide band and pocketed aluminum sleeve pinned over the butt cap, a signature feature of Halstead rods. There are two lines of script on the butt, the top line appears to be the makers signature, but writing is badly faded. The rod weighs 3.05oz. A nice casting 4wt with medium fast semi-parabolic action. The rod was owned by Dr. James M Marcks, and his initials are engraved on the tube cap. Halstead is a name that weaves its way through the histories of several well-known eastern rod makers, but his own rods remain somewhat mysterious to many. Any Halstead rod is scarce, but to find a supremely fishable early trout rod in great original condition is a real treat. Not a rod you see every day. Sold in the original bag and Halstead made tube with pinned brass hardware.


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