Gray, Dana - "Carlson Four" 7'9" 3/2 5wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a 7'9" "Carlson Four" 3-piece / 2-tip quad bamboo rod from the bench of Dana Gray. Near mint condition, lawn cast only. A special rod with some rather interesting provenance. Made in 2018 for Per Brandin, the cane comes from the stock of well-seasoned 8' culms that were purchased by "Sam" Carlson when he bought the F.E. Thomas shop in 1958. Serial #182-4793, made for 5wt line. The rod features medium tempered cane, dark oxidized snake guides with Mildrum stripping guide, all wrapped in oxblood windings and black accents. All sections are straight, full length & serialized. Ferrules fit perfectly and the females are fitted with aluminum and cork ferrule plugs. "Carlson Four" is inked on the butt section, along with the serial number. U-shaped hook keeper, squared black composite winding check, and 6.5" cork grip. Blued cap & ring reel seat over dark wood spacer. A medium-fast 5wt quad, and a great caster. Dana's attention to detail is impeccable, and the result is breathtaking. Sold in the original bag and brass capped tube with "Dana Gray - Maker" stamp on the collar. The rod will also be sold with the original receipt from Per Brandin and a letter from Dana. From the collection of Per G. Brandin.

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