Dingley / J.J.S. Walker - 3 1/2" Fly Reel - Caged Spool

For sale here is a 3 1/2" caged spool Dingley fly reel, made for JJS Walker & Co, Alnwick. Excellent condition, this reel features a full length smooth brass reel foot (two-pillar), strap over tensioner, telephone-style spool latch and free spinning ivorine handle. The pillars are in good condition with minimal line burn from RHW use. The check utilizes an adjustable block that moves the flat caliper spring, and has strong RHW bias. Stamped with the Dingley "D" internally. The brass pins on the caged spool are in good condition, and the leaded finish is mostly intact. The spool latch pin and spring are modern replacements. The interior spool width is 1" and the reel weighs 9.0oz.

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