Dingley / Allcocks- "The Ousel" 3" Fly Reel

For sale here is a 3" Allcocks "The Ousel" fly reel, made by Dingley. This is a fixed check dry fly reel with free-spinning ivorine handle, solid drum, and unaltered two-pillar reel foot. The reel foot is made of solid nickel silver, an uncommon feature. Overall condition is very good, and the reel retains most of its leaded finish. It has the slightest bit of end play, commonly seen on these dry fly reels. Stamped "D1" on the frame, and the assembly number "1" can be seen stamped on the reel foot and toothed gear. The check is configured for RHW fishing, but the bias is almost neutral and the reel could be fished LHW in my opinion.

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