Dingley / Alex Martin "Caledonia" 2 3/4" Fly Reel

For sale here is a 2 3/4" "Caledonia" fly reel made for Alex Martin by Dingley. A tight little dry fly reel, it retains most of its original finish and is in very good condition throughout. The face of the reel reads "Alex Martin - Glasgow - Edinburgh - Aberdeen" and also includes "Caledonia" stamped under the Alex Martin logo and "Made in England". There are some small areas of pitting on the face of the reel. Smooth brass foot is full length and un-filed. Black ebonite handle spins freely and the reel is stamped "15" on the foot, spool and frame, with an accompanying Dingley "D" on the interior of the frame.  The reel has a slight bias towards right hand retrieve. Overall a fine little trout reel.

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