Dingley - 4" St. George Style Fly Reel

For sale here is a Dingley 4" St George style fly reel in excellent original condition and stamped for Foster Bros. of Ashbourne. This RHW reel has several indicators that it was made in the post-war period prior to the Dingley shop shutting it's doors in 1953.  Diameter is 4" and the inside spool width is 1 1/4". Ebonite handle spins freely and the single-pillar reel foot is full length and unaltered. Bronze line guard is smooth and in excellent shape, and the tension screw works well. The reel retains much of it's original leading, and no chips or cracks can be seen in the frame despite some small areas of corrosion along the rim. A "3" is clearly stamped on the frame, spool, foot, and line guard brace. The reel weighs 12.25oz.

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