Dickerson, Lyle - Model 961812, 9'6" 3/2 7wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Dickerson 961812, 3-piece / 2-tip bamboo rod. Good original condition, except for one tip that has some issues. Made in 1947 for Fred Glass, whose name is inked on the rod. Light/medium tempered cane with 3x3 nodes and bronze snake guides wrapped in transparent brown windings & black tipping. The sections are straight and full length, and the ferrule fit is perfect. The ink on the butt section remains clear and bold, and the rod is fitted with a bent loop hook keeper and hexagonal NS winding check. 6" grip is slightly soiled and a few rings display some light ridging. Standard down-locking Dickerson reel seat over wood spacer, and the butt cap has a provision for a fighting butt though none is present. The hard chrome stripping guide is slightly bent back towards the grip. Overall the varnish is in good shape with minor scuffs/scratches from honest use. One tip has a few issues: the second snake guide up from the ferrule has slipped its wraps on one foot, the next guide up from that is re-wrapped. Additionally, the snake guide closest to the tip-top is re-wrapped and an invisible wrap extends from under the bend of the snake guide all the way to the tip top. It looks like this is covering a node crack that extended upwards, but it's difficult to say for sure. Due to these issues the rod is priced as a single-tipper. Sold in the original foldover bag and brass capped tube. From the collection of Thomas H. Clark.

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