Daniel, Doug - 8'3" 3/2 4-5wt Quad Bamboo Rod

For sale here is an 8'3" 3/2 4-5wt hollow built quad bamboo rod from Doug Daniel. Excellent+ used condition, the rod shows little sign of use. Medium flamed cane with oxidized snake guides and red agate stripping guide. Wraps are transparent brown with dark chocolate tipping. Sections are straight and full length, and the tips are wrapped for ease of rotation. Blued ferrules fit perfectly, and the serial is scripted on the butt (#11213). 6.5" grip is clean and smooth, and the rod is fitted with a blued cap & ring reel seat over dark wood spacer. Weight is 4 3/4oz. A nice all around trout taper, it casts a DT5 nicely or you can speed it up with a WF4. I would say it's on the medium side of medium fast. Doug Daniel's hollow quads are beautiful creations and the finishes on this rod are excellent. Sold in the original bag and brass capped tube with data label affixed.

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