Brandin, Per - 835-3 DF. 8'3" 3-piece 5wt, Hollow-Built Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a model 835-3, 3-piece / 2-tip quad bamboo rod from the bench of Per Brandin. A strong 5wt with excellent dry fly action, the rod is in near-mint condition and bears only slight evidence of having a reel mounted to the seat. Medium flamed cane with oxidized snake guides and handsome red agate stripper wrapped in pale green silks & black accents. Blued nickel-silver ferrules fit perfectly and the females are fitted with micarta & cork ferrule plugs. All sections are full length, serialized, and straight as a pin. 6" ventilated grip is clean and smooth. Blued nickel silver cap and ring over mahogany spacer. An incredible rod from one of the modern masters. Sold in original bag and tube with makers data decal and canvas tube protector.

Please note: payment for this item must be made via check or wire.

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