Barclay, Chris - Progressive Series, 7'2" 3pc 3wt Fiberglass Rod

For sale here is an original Progressive Series 7'2" 3-piece 3wt fiberglass rod from Chris Barclay. Translucent brown ale color sanded blank made of unidirectional S-glass. Serial #28-15. Very good used condition throughout, with one small scuff below the carbide stripping guide. The rod is fitted with snake brand guides and a brass cap & ring reel seat machined by Masatoshi Okui (Kineya Tackle). Spigot ferrules fit perfectly with room to allow for wear. Flor-grade cork grip is clean and smooth. Chris' most popular taper from this original Progressive series, the taper is smooth and responsive and loads well with a variety of 3wt lines. Sold in the original muslin bag and brass capped tube with maroon maker’s label.

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