Barclay, Chris - 8'2" 4/5wt, 4-piece Fiberglass Fly Rod - "Tailwater Special"

For sale here is an  8'2" 4-piece for a 4/5wt "Tailwater Special" fiberglass rod made by Chris Barclay. This is the model 82 from his Sythensis series. Excellent, lightly used condition, made in 2020 (No. 14-20). Chris describes as a blend of parabolic and progressive taper concepts. Built on an un-sanded yellow E-glass blank with bright snake guides and classic carbide stripping guide wrapped with clear silk and transparent gold accents. Tip over butt ferrules are witness marked for ease of alignment. Reverse torpedo grip with cap and ring reel seat over fine wood spacer. A great 4/5wt rod in a 4-piece configuration, built for "long casts, tiny flies and ultimate control". Sold in original sock and brass capped tube with maker's data decal.

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