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Barclay, Chris - 6'8" 4-Piece 3wt Fiberglass Rod (Blue Ridge Special)

For sale here is a 6'8" 4-pc 3wt "Blue Ridge Special" fiberglass rod from  Chris Barclay. Serial #96-21, the rod is in mint/as-new condition. Build on an unsanded yellow glass blank with dark guides and fittings wrapped transparent. Tip-over-butt ferrules are witness marked for ease of alignment. 5.5" ventilated cork grip with blacked brass pocketed cap & ring reel seat over cork spacer. A tapered Micarta spacer connects the grip and reel seat, and the whole package looks great. Semi-parabolic action flexes into the grip, Chris designed this taper for "Small secluded mountain streams and brook trout". It feels like it would be at home on any small waters. Sold in the original bag and brass capped tube with makers decal.

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