Thramer, A.J. - Classic Series Dickerson 8013, 8' 2/2 5wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is an A.J. Thramer 8' 2/2 5wt bamboo rod based on the Dickerson 8013 taper. Excellent used condition, the rod features blonde tempered cane with dark guides and red agate stripping guide wrapped in transparent chestnut windings. All sections are straight, full length & serialized (#G7). Bent loop hook keeper, nickel silver winding check and 6.15" cork grip (soiled but smooth). Down-locking reel seat over dark wood spacer, in the Dickerson style. Weight is 4.3oz. Medium fast action with relatively fine tips, it feels like a nice dry fly rod, capable of fishing light tippet. Nicely finished, a quality homage to the Dickerson 8013. Sold in the original bag and aluminum tube with data decal affixed.

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